Clear Plastic Spout Pouch For Hand Sanitizer with Handle and Free Gift-Funnel
The Plastic undefined Spout Pouch with Handle is ideal for liquidity packaging, including water, drinks, wine, lotion, shampoo, etc. Features of these pouches include:  > These spout pouches are foldable. > weaponed with screw cap to seal the bag. > Easy to be clean with water. > long-wearing spout bulge with goodness quality. >...
from $122.40
Glossy Silver Aluminum Foil Spout Pouch with Handle for Hand Sanitizer
Introducing our Glossy Silver Aluminum Foil spurt Pouch with Handle(C01-413), the perfect pull for storing and dispensing your give sanitizer and unusual liquidness or powder-based products. This versatile pouch offers convenience, functionality, and reliability. Here's wherefore our pouch stands out: 1. Spout for soft Pouring: The gush design ensures easy and restricted...
from $137.00

Spout Pouch-Takeaway with Handle