Clear Plastic Spout Pouch For Hand Sanitizer with Handle and Free Gift-Funnel
The Plastic undefined Spout Pouch with Handle is ideal for liquidity packaging, including water, drinks, wine, lotion, shampoo, etc. Features of these pouches include:  > These spout pouches are foldable. > weaponed with screw cap to seal the bag. > Easy to be clean with water. > long-wearing spout bulge with goodness quality. >...
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Clear&White Glossy Plastic Reusable Stand Up Spout Pouch with Funnel Free Gift - Clear
QQ Studio plastic reusable stand up spirt pouches(C01-404). Our pouches are studied to ply a convenient and eco-friendly packaging root for varied liquidness products. Here's why our spurt pouches are the hone choice: - Reusable and Durable: Our pouches are made from high-quality materials that are sturdy and durable, allowing...
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Plastic Glossy Convenient Spout Pouch with hole - Clear
QQ Stduio Plastic Glossy Convenient Spout Pouch with hole(C01-408), our spout bag is a star production in our nozzle bag series, with beveled spout design, very easy to dispense and use: 1. Transparent design: our nozzle pouch is premeditated with...
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Clear Glossy Nylon Stand Up Spout Pouch with Funnel Free Gift
QQ Studio clear glossy nylon stand up spout pouch(C01-417), a various and practical packaging root designed to adjoin your needs. With a unblock funnel included, this pouch offers not only if undefined but also prodigious temperature tolerance ranging from -20°C to 100°C. Key Features:1. Optimal Clarity: The clear...
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Convenient 50ml Plastic Spout Pouch with Free Gift - Funnel - Clear
QQStudio 50ml Plastic Bag with Funnel (C01-407). Our intention of this bag design is to serve your liquid products: 1. Transparent bag design: make your products easy to carry and more accurate measurement.2. GIFT FUNNEL: For every order, we will...
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Frosted White Small Plastic Spout Pouch For Lotion & Hand Sanitizer 30ml&50ml&100ml (Free Gift: Funnel)
QQ Studio Frosted White Small Plastic Spout Pouch (C01-411). Highly recommended for lotions and hand sanitizers, our spout pouches are available in 30 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml sizes: 1. frosted transparent design: we use frosted transparent material design,...
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Spout Pouch-Clear / Frosted