Excellent Barrier Properties White Kraft Stand Up Pouches with Frosted Window
Wholesale Frosted White Stand upward protrude with Window(C01-335), this pop out combines functionality and title to lift your product presentation. Key Features:1. Window: The undefined windowpane on the face allows customers to see the delicious treats inside.2. insurance premium Material: It provides a trustworthy barrier against moisture, air, and contaminants, holding...
from $104.00
Eco-freindly Kraft Paper Mylar Stand Up Pouch w/Clear Window
Introducing our Kraft Paper Mylar Stand Up Pouch with Clear Window (C01-318), our pouches are a great choice for your green packaging, it has very umpteen advantages: 1. ECO-FRIENDLY KRAFT PAPER: Our this pocket is made of high quality kraft...
from $99.00
White Kraft Paper Side Gusset Stand Up Pouches w/Frosted Window
Our White Kraft Paper Side Gusset Stand Up Pouches (C01-312) with opaque Window is the perfect promotional material solution for your products. Made from high-quality white kraft paper, this pouch offers durability and a cancel look. The root gusset design provides ample space for your products, while the...
from $95.00
High Quality Kraft Paper Zip Lock Bag with Windows - Black
Welcome to our selection of premium kraft paper zip lock bags with rectangle windows (C01-220), studied to meet your publicity necessarily with a intermix of tone and aesthetics. These bags indefinite in varied kraft, slick black, and pristine white colors, undefined to a range of preferences. Key Features:1. High-Quality Kraft...
from $49.50
Festive Gift Packaging Kraft Stand Up Pouch w/Front Window and 送礼佳品
Welcome to our festive gift packaging section, specially curated for businesses looking to add a touch down of elegance to their gift presentations. Our kraft paper stand up up pouch with a front window (S01-306) is the hone choice for promotion exquisite gifts and creating a memorable unboxing experience....
$217.20 from $216.20
Premium Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch with Frosted Window - Versatile and Stylish Storage Solution for Businesses
QQ Studio Premium Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch with Frosted Window (C01-329), this kraft paper bag of ours is your preferred option for eco-friendly packaging: 1. Unaltered CHARM: Our kraft paper bags have a timeless charm that enhances your product...
from $83.60
Black & Kraft 2 Colors Option Paper Stand Up Pouches with Lamination w/Frosted Window - Black
QQ Studio black and kraft 2 colours option wallpaper stand up upwards pouches with a frosted window(C01-328). Our pouches are designed to provide an attractive and functional promotional stuff solution for your products. - Black & kraft paper 2 Colors Option: Our pouches are available in 2 colors...
from $99.00

Kraft Paper Pouch-Display Window

Are you looking for Kraft paper bags with windows? Stand-up bags made of kraft paper with a window, zip lock, and a transparent window. You can use this bag again to fulfill your diverse demands because it has a window and a zip lock.

This custom kraft paper stand-up pouch has multiple uses and can be used to store food or sweets. This stand-up pouches are made of brown kraft paper. Kraft paper with zip lock bags includes a thick wall and a zip lock and are constructed of kraft paper of the highest caliber.

Watch for sales and discounts to get a great deal on a kraft paper zip lock bag with a window. Low-cost brown kraft paper stand-up pouches with windows are available for purchase. The Kraft paper bags Singapore is available at QQ Studio® in distinct sizes. The fact that they offer the recyclable bag in volume is its best feature.