Premium Resealable Aluminium Foil and Kraft Paper Matte Gusseted Bag without Valve - Black
Introducing our Premium Resealable substance number 13 Foil and Kraft wallpaper felt up Gusseted pocket without Valve(C45-103-104), the ultimate root for storing and preserving your food items. These bags are premeditated with convenience and knickknack in mind. Here's why they are a game-changer for your kitchen: 1. Superior Freshness Protection: Our...
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Kraft Paper Pouch-Side Gusset

The best decision is often the simplest one. This useful yet timeless shape is ideal for baked products, fruits, and pastries. This pouch is manufactured using kraft paper and strengthened on the ends by a set of gussets to ensure structural integrity and appropriate durability. The heat seal at the bottom of the box shields the contents from outside elements like dampness.

QQ Studio® is aware that occasionally your product requires additional protection. This particular gusset kraft paper bag is crafted from a mix of kraft paper and aluminum, giving it not just durability but also a distinctive, old-fashioned, and handmade appearance. Because it has two side gussets, it is ideal for keeping coffee and tea in terms of appearance and structure.

It keeps the packaging's overall durability while making it simple to store and transfer. Simply put, a flat pouch lacks any gussets, whereas a bottom gusset bag features a gusset just on the bottom and an all-side gusset bag has gussets on all sides.