Versatile 6L Leakproof Waterproof Lunch Bag with Thermal Insulation - DuPont Kraft Paper and Aluminum Foil (Picnic Basket)
DuPont Kraft Paper and aluminum foil Leakproof Waterproof Lunch Bag with Thermal Insulation(S01-646),Features as followings: 1. DuPont Kraft Paper and Aluminum queer Construction: Our tiffin bag is constructed with high-quality DuPont kraft paper Paper and features an inner layer of...
Stylish Matte Kraft Stand Up Pouch with Handle and Clear Side - Showcasing with Convenience - Gold
Elevate your packaging game with our in matte up kraft paper paper Stand Up Pouch with wield and undefined Side(C01-322). This versatile pouch combines functionality and esthetics to submit your products in an impressive and golden manner. Key Features: 1. Matte kraft paper wallpaper Design: The felt up finish of the kraft wallpaper...
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Kraft Paper Pouch-Takeaway with Handle

Kraft paper carry bags are excellent for take-out meals from restaurants, delis, enterprises, schools, or institutions. It can maintain both heat and cold. Even clients may hold it in their hands. 100% leak-proof with oil-proof and waterproof coating; won't go soggy from gravies and sauces or other greasy or wet foods.

These bags are ideal for family outings, fast food trucks, catering services, and food service operations. The rope-handled brown paper takeaway packs are not only stylish but also robust and dependable, allowing you to pack your food with confidence. The takeaway bags are available in a range of sizes such that you can manage your spending and reduce bag waste.

In addition to giving the bag more strength, the rope handle also lessens the room needed to store the bags before use. To ensure safe carrying and make them sturdy enough to support heavy loads without collapsing, these kraft paper bags with handles are connected with a long-lasting adhesive.